A fresh approach to urban accommodation

The story of the Floating Hotel began in 2003, when founder Martin Green noticed an acute need for flexible urban accommodation. All too often, he observed, cities are designed to meet the long-term demands of tourists, professionals and general visitors. During low seasons, when many rooms and facilities stood wastefully empty, this approach was neither economically nor environmentally sustainable. At other times, when attending large conferences and events, guests often experienced a lack of hotel rooms and conference locations. To make matters worse, restaurants tended to be overbooked and guests were often forced to take taxis to remote locations outside of town.

Finally – a smarter, more flexible solution

To meet this need, a new solution was needed. Something smarter. More flexible. Closer. One that would provide top-quality accommodation, staff and services dedicated to specific local events. Thus, the idea of the Floating Hotel was born.

In the following years the concept proved as successful as it was innovative. By the time of ESC 2005 in Stockholm, Floating Hotel was able to open the largest hotel in Scandinavia with nearly 1,100 rooms. Over the course of five days, ESC guests enjoyed the hotel’s assortment of event-related activities, private meeting rooms and a range of bars, shops and restaurants – all just a short ride from central Stockholm.

A successful idea that knows no borders

Inspired by this success, Floating Hotel has since gone on to provide flexible accommodations for both large and small events. Activities range from hosting international congresses aboard some of the world’s largest cruise ships, to private parties docked in central, urban canals. In addition to this and a range of previous solutions, Floating Hotel was also involved in creating a temporary hotel concept for Norway’s bid for the 2018 Olympic Games. Although the country’s proposal was eventually sidelined due to budgetary restraints, this proposal formed an integral part of the Norwegian Olympic Committee’s 2018 bid. According to Erlend Rian, Managing Director of Tromsø 2018 AS:

“The solution with a temporary hotel is a very important part of our campaign. Floating Hotel has been greatly involved in the process, which has made it possible for us to create a sustainable accommodation concept.”

Let us know how we can be of help

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A fresh approach to temporary urban accommodation