Why use a Floating Hotel?

Floating Hotel can offer a comfortable, professional hotel experience unlike any other. We can offer tchampagne3o become one of your
cities central meeting places for private meetings, seminars, networking and relaxation or just provide the accommodation solution that you need.

Design the facilities around your needs

Our flexibility in establishing the right accommodation solution for your needs means that we can offer conference facilities, restaurants as well as office space based on your needs.

Restaurants. Bars. Conference facilities all under one roof.

Aboard a Floating Hotel you’ll be welcomed by a wide selection of bars and restaurants catering to tastes and budgets of all kinds: from quick snacks and aperitifs to sprawling buffetsmatsal, fresh seafood and sumptuous grilled delicacies. Cosy pubs, sun-soaked outdoor bars and an exclusive wine bar offer the perfect places to meet new faces and relax in the company of colleagues. Whatever the occasion or time of day, the Floating Hotel is yours to explore.

First-class comfort

Floating Hotel provides services and amenities tailored conf_picspecifically to the needs of our guests. Enjoy a quick coffee break at one of our
cafes, stop by the Fashion shop for top brand-name accessories or relax at the end of the day in one of the hotel’s several saunas. Internet access, dry-cleaning services and 24-hour reception staff are always on hand to make your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible.